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Why Do People Buy Monopoly?

A look at why Monopoly has stood the test of time, even as newer experiences come along.

Pilediver Review: Resident Evil 4

Horror, Action, and Camp

Ring Fit Adventure

It's fitness! It's an adventure! I love it!

Pilediver Review: Donut County

Be a hole. Wreck the place.

Lonely Mountains Downhill, A Sublime Ride

A sparse, beautiful game about challenging yourself to bike down a mountain that gives you the room to be introspective and grow without unnecessary structure.

Kingdom Rush: Silly Uncertainty

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game for mobile and desktop with cute characters and a fun story.

Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase is an arcade racing game that makes competition feel deeply personal.

Gris: A Puzzle-Platformer Masterpiece

Despite its brevity, Gris is far and away one of my favorite games of all time. The depth of the relatable story, exquisiteness of the water-color worlds, flow of the puzzles, and intensity of the music all come together harmoniously to create a wondrous environment. From the moment it starts, Gris steadily builds into a complex and powerful gaming experience that is sure to leave you touched and inspired.

Good Job! is a Great Game

Good Job!'s mix of humor, easy-going puzzles and fun art direction led to the perfect fit for a time spent in lock down and COVID-uncertainty.

Golf Peaks: A Lovely Puzzle

Golf Peaks by Afterburn is one of my favorite mobile puzzle games in the last 5 years.

Dicey Dungeons: A Roll-icking Adventure

It was one of my favorite games of 2018 and the re-release on Nintendo Switch feels like a great opportunity to take another look.

Carto: Game of 2020

The best game of 2020.

Celeste: Pop Culture Marvel

Celeste, like other great pop cultural media, elevates common tropes through impeccable execution and the combination of gameplay, music, and story.

Best Games of 2020

2020 was a tough year, but I was lucky enough to play some great games.

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