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Why Do People Buy Monopoly?

A look at why Monopoly has stood the test of time, even as newer experiences come along.

The Art of Lying To Friends: Cockroach Poker

In which our fearless author tries to convince you that lying to your friends is a good thing.

Some Thoughts on Roll and Moves

A recent playthrough of Machi Koro: Legacy has me thinking about new ways that the roll and move game mechanic can be used in board games.

Sagrada: A Dice Game

A dice puzzle game about making stained glass windows.

Modern Art: A Game of Art and Commerce

Modern Art by Reiner Knizia and published by CMON Games is the best auction game around.

Interlude: Grilled Cheese and Checkers

Reflecting on the life and my relationship with my grandparents through games.

The Fox in the Forest: A Delicate Dance

Fox in the Forest is one of my favorite two-player card games.

Food Chain Island: Survival of the Solitaire

A concise solitaire game that is reminiscent of genre staples but also feels modern and fresh.

Finished!: Complex Solitaire is Fun

Finished! by Friedemann Friese is a surprisingly complex solitaire game that delivers on a fun mental puzzle with lots of room for experimentation.

Forbidden Island

Collaborative games - unlike competitive games - work toward a common goal; either all the players win together, or all the players lose together. Call them socialism of the gaming world! This collective experience aids in building community, as everyone is contributing their skills on equal footing.

Best Games of 2020

2020 was a tough year, but I was lucky enough to play some great games.

Almost Solitaire: First Thoughts on Ugly Gryphon Inn

A first look at this single player game from Button Shy.

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